Most authors when they’re starting out stick with one genre, or at least genres that are close. Me? Not so much. I like writing stories about relationships and love in all its forms, and in different ways. At the same time, I know that readers sometimes do stick with one genre, and an author’s genre-hopping can cause confusion.

My first two books fall into the general romantic suspense category: crime, mystery, passion — stuff like that — and tend to be gritty in tone and content, with a high level of sexuality. My “Christmas Dance,” on the other hand, is crime-free (depending on one’s definition of crime), has very little spilling of blood, and while I’d rate it in the “R” category, it’s not pushing any envelopes in the sexuality rating.

In a complete 180-degree shift, I released a children’s story in early 2013. “Lights of Imani” is illustrated, designed for ages 7 to 10.

Whichever your choice, I hope you enjoy!

Here are my books, in order of release date:

Surrender to Sanctuary UpdateSurrender to Sanctuary

Romantic Suspense

Love and Danger collide when FBI Agents David Owens and Anna Parker go undercover in a BDSM ring.

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Adrienne's_GhostAdrienne’s Ghost

Paranormal  Romantic Suspense

Do you believe in ghosts? FBI Jackson Yates never did until he met… Adrienne’s Ghost. Reviewer says: “Spine-tingling suspense and  gut-wrenching emotion.”



Christmas Dance cover_nameChristmas Dance
Women’s Fiction

What happens when two married people take a look at the perfect lives they’ve created and decide it’s not enough? What happens when those same two people catch the eye of a stranger, and like what they see?

Christmas Dance
A story of love, marriage and parenthood. A story of hope.

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Imani_CoverLights of Imani
Children Aged 7-10
Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Far from America lies an island kingdom whose people have been separated after years of fighting … until one night when Princess Imani takes a chance on friendship.




Short story Blood Moon, in the “Mysteries of the Macabre” anthology, tells the story of book reviewer Ronnie who gets sucked into a true-crime story, to the point where she’s convinced a serial killer has returned.

Available in e-book for $2.99 at major online retailers, including, Barnes & Noble, iTunes … and more.

Available in trade paperback at, Barnes & Noble and more. List price $12.99.

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