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Christmas Dance – Temptation

Temptation– it’s been the bane of humankind’s existence since…well, since Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit of the tree of life. I think it’s coded into human nature to want something you can’t/shouldn’t have. Alexandra and Sam are no different. In fact, they’re facing the perfect storm of temptation: A husband and wife who (they think) no longer care. So when they enter each other’s lives and listen—really listen—their individual bruised egos are…

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Christmas Dance – Sam’s Story

Sam Herrmann is a 30-something accountant, married for more than a decade to Danielle (Dani). Their paths crossed one hot summer night when he was running laps for their college’s football team and she, a flutist in the marching band, was at band practice. They fell, and fell hard, for each other and have been together since. Now, a dozen years later, they have three healthy boys under the age of ten, and enough activities…

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Christmas Dance – Alexandra’s Story

  Alexandra Anderson is an only child, raised by a single mother who died too young, then shuttled off to live with a father who had preferred starting a second family over sticking with his first. Alexandra clearly has some abandonment issues, and marrying Ben – handsome, smart and filthy rich Ben who somehow saw something to love in the girl from the other side of the tracks – was her hope for a break…

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The Caboose (last place) doesn’t mean "worst" place!

Earlier this month, my friend and fellow author Vicki Landis invited me to be part of “The Next Big Thing” blog hop. Vicki is one of those multi-talented authors who writes not just fiction (with two novels and a bunch of short stories under her belt), but also non-fiction (including a book called “The Easy Little Diet Book: The Prep Course for Easy Weight Loss Success). As if that weren’t enough, she’s an artist! In…

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