Anna_Parker_CropAnna is a Special Agent with the FBI assigned to investigate sex crimes in the Washington, DC, area. It’s an assignment that puts her in the seediest of parts of town, matching wits with the scummiest of criminals.
But it’s the victims—often young, almost always female—who keep her focused and dedicated.

It’s a tough beat for a young woman (Anna is in her late 20s), and at times dangerous for one as beautiful as she is, especially one who sees the physical form as merely a shell for the soul. Those who aren’t universally judged as beautiful would say that’s easy to say when you look like Anna who is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, has thick dark hair that she wears up for work, and long-lashed eyes the color of hot fudge.

Still, Anna is true to her beliefs. She keeps her body healthy for health’s sake and dresses in clothing that functions yet allows her to feel feminine. At work, that means comfortable suits with girly touches, like a slit up the thigh. At home…well, at home, she’s more likely to shed her clothing altogether for the comfort of her own skin.

Interestingly, that free spirit attitude hits a wall when it meets her professional life. She’s so serious about her work, in fact, that she is perceived by peers as all business, even cold, and has come to be known as Anna Arctica in the headquarters building. It’s only her solid job performance that earns their grudging respect.

Some might suggest to Anna that she drop the veil, get to know people and let them get to know her. Life would be happier, less lonely. But she doesn’t. She chooses instead to keep her work life at work, and her personal life at home. Separate and apart. She chooses to be alone.

Anna can be found in SURRENDER TO SANCTUARY, as well as the sequel SANCTUARY’S PROMISE, which I’m currently working on.

My favorite Anna quote (so far):

    In SURRENDER TO SANCTUARY, Anna and her partner David must infiltrate a club that caters to those who practice a power-exchange lifestyle. When he balks, saying he can’t continue, she responds:

“This isn’t a game, David. It’s real life to many, many people who exist in the shadows, and if you’re too damn blind and ignorant, too wrapped up in your black-and-white world, to look into those shadows where Faith Morgan’s killer lives, you might as well just pack up and go home. Either way, I’m going into that club this weekend. With or without you.”

Actress I’d choose to play Anna:

Actually, I don’t know! But if you have any suggestions, please drop me a note. I’d love to hear your thoughts!