I love to hear from friends, old and new! Although I must admit that my compulsively organized husband has tacked a schedule to my bulletin board which (he believes!) limits my e-mail and social media time to an hour a day! What is he thinking!?

Actually, he’s right, I don’t get much time to spend online, but when I do, you can find me here:

  • Visit me on Facebook where I post about things that intrigue or tickle me, book news and other odds and ends.
  • Take a look at my favorite things and story boards at Pinterest.
  • I tweet and RT occasionally about writing and news from my community….and football. 🙂 You’ll find me on Twitter at @leahstjames.
  • I blog on the 6th and 22nd of every month at The Roses of Prose blog. We chat about writing and life and reading and life.

And there’s always email! Please send comments and questions to leah@leahstjames.com. I’ll respond as soon as I’m able.

Thank you for your interest!


**Privacy Statement

I take your privacy seriously. Occasionally I have collected emails for the sole purpose of prize giveaways and for newsletter distribution. I do not share with or sell any information of any kind to any third-party vendors for marketing or any other purposes.