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New Year Blog Hop – My Favorite Memory

Hello and welcome to the 2012 New Year Blog Hop! I’m thrilled to be part of this group of authors and reviewers who are sharing favorite memories and traditions of ringing in the new year. I’ll be giving away a copy of my 2010 release Surrender to Sanctuary, and a copy of my recently released e-book novella, Adrienne’s Ghost (random drawing, one winner drawn). Please leave a comment (with your e-mail address) to enter.

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I’ve never been one of those people who goes out partying on New Year’s Eve. Maybe I spent too many years as a child watching the ball drop in Times Square…too many hours watching a million-plus people standing in the frigid cold while chaos reigned around them…and nary a restroom in sight! (I mean, what do those people do for hour after hour, and nowhere to take a potty break? The thought terrifies me! )

This tradition (of having no tradition) continued when I married my husband, and especially after our boys were born. We typically spent quiet evenings at home, with a bottle of champagne that we’d share after putting the kids to bed. As much as I enjoyed those evenings, in the back of my mind I longed for just a little excitement. Something fun to do…in close proximity to a bathroom!

I got my wish by the time the kids were in school. We had become close friends with some like-minded parents who invited us to gather at their house each year. Their home was warm and welcoming, decorated for Christmas with twinkling lights, scented candles and a stunning tree that reached the ceiling. While the parents played cards and chatted, the kids (about a half a dozen boys and one lone, very brave girl) would retreat to the family room and play video games. Food was delicious and plentiful, and the time passed quickly until the countdown to midnight began. Then we’d all gather in the living room, and when the ball (whose progress we’d monitor on the TV, of course!) dropped, we’d pop the champagne and toast each other.

After exchanging hugs all around, we’d go back to our activities (the kids to their video games, the adults to their cards), more food would be brought to the already groaning table, and eventually we’d head home, sometime between 2 and 3 a.m. At least that’s what usually happened.

But one year, about seven or eight years ago, one of the boys, now in his mid-teens, had gone through an enormous growth spurt over the previous summer and fall. By New Year’s Eve, he’d reached a height of six feet plus, and a weight of over 200 pounds, and decided to impress the gathered guests with newly discovered brawn. He’d been verbally sparring with our host earlier in the evening, claiming he could pin him (wrestling), a claim which our host laughed off. That wasn’t odd; the two had spent a lot of time together in Boy Scouts, and our host had mentored this boy in several areas, so their relationship was close, and I often heard them in spirited discussions. I think that’s what gave the boy the courage to do what he did.

It happened just at the stroke of midnight, as the assembled guests strained the limits of the living room, glasses raised in toast to the new year. This boy-man chose that exact moment of distraction to test his theory and launched himself onto our host’s back. One of them must have shouted, because we turned as one toward the sound to see the boy-man draped over our host who, somehow, managed to remain upright with this weight on his back, while still holding a full glass of champagne (and never spilling a drop!). Time stopped for a split second while we (the bystanders) sucked in a collective gasp. Then my husband grabbed the host’s glass, freeing his hands, and the two began grappling like two kids in a schoolyard.

Their bodies crashed to the floor and rolled toward the tree. We gasped again, and the hostess rushed to move furniture from their path of potential destruction. They struggled some more, grunting and straining, while the rest of us watched, transfixed, half horrified and half wondering just what consequences would befall this boy. Then our host, a man who’d been a star football player in high school, offense and defense, lifted this giant of a “boy” from him, dropped him to the floor, grabbed his arms behind his back, leaned his forearm (and all his weight) into the boy and said, “Now THAT’S how you pin someone.”

We still talk about that night, laughing a bit but mostly thankful that no one got hurt, thankful there was no damage, to man, boy…or tree!. But I think it was awhile before our host turned his back on that kid again!

What is your favorite New Year memory? Leave a comment to be entered into my drawing. And check out all the blogs. The more comments you leave, the better your chances to win one of the grand prizes: a KINDLE FIRE and an Amazon gift card for $80!

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  1. Favorite New Years Eve memory is the year my hubby proposed. So romantic, and he still warms my heart at 35 years and counting.

    caity_mack@yahoo dot com

  2. Hi, Eli – I’m guessing you don’t live in the northeast…at least not in the U.S.! πŸ™‚ That would be a nice way to celebrate the new year. In fact, I’m starting to crave some barbeque! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t have any memory that really sticks out but most New Years are spent with my family just hanging out.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  4. We always celebrated the same way by watching movies on tv, eating and drinking (soda for us kids)and it’s basically the same way now. One year we did have friends over and played games which was fun.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Do not have anyhting near as exciting. I stay at home and watch the ball drop on tv.
    linze_e at

  6. This would have to be my favorite New Year’s memory since it was the first time my whole family stayed up past midnight to ring in the new year. My children ran around yelling “Happy New Year’s” while my dogs ran for cover richnkathy718 (at) msn (dot) com

  7. I don’t have a favorite new year’s memory. Mostly I just love it when I stay home with my family πŸ™‚

    Happy new year!

    mihoxli at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite New Years memories involve playing games and cards at my brother’s house on New Year’s eve.

  9. This year is my favorite I got to hang out with some great friends, play fun drinking games, and kiss an amazing man for the 14th year in a row!! Perfection


  10. Sounds like celebrating with family is the winner! Thanks, Anne, Lindseye, Miho Li, Crystal, Vanessa, Jean and “DBook”! Ever since I moved from Jersey to Virginia, that’s how I’ve spent mine too.

  11. I remember when my kids first stayed up to midnight, Kathryn. πŸ™‚ That is a big moment, isn’t it…for them and the dogs! (I can picture it in my head!)

  12. Wow, what a memory on that one! Sounds like one to remember for a very long time πŸ˜‰ As for me, nothing that memorable, I just spend it with my family, watching the countdown on tv, eating snacks and playing games, not memorable, but good times anyway.


  13. ROFL! It doesn’t seem to matter the size or the age, they are all boys inside of a mans body, hehe! Love it (and sometimes hate it, lol)!

    Thank you for participating in this blog hop and for the great giveaway chance!

    I hope 2012 brings you nothing but happiness and wonderful things!

  14. My NYEs are spent with family. This year, I spent it with my sister and 2 of her kids, hanging out at her house, watching a zombie marathon on TV and just snacking around. It was kind of goofy, but really fun. Especially since as the kids get older, these times will end. My oldest niece (almost 18) spent the evening with her boyfriend & his family.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. I usually have great time at new year’s eve, and I remember of my best one: it was when I stayed up with my first boyfriend who kissed my for the very first time at midnight πŸ™‚ It’s a nice memory πŸ™‚

  16. Hi, June! You’re right, the kids eventually start spending time elsewhere. My older son hasn’t been with us in a bunch of years! That doesn’t stop me from texting/calling him at midnight though. Thank God for modern telephony!

  17. Thanks, Trisha. πŸ™‚ Actually, it was one of those situations where you can’t help but start laughing and then realize you probably shouldn’t be! Honestly, I’m just glad no one was hurt!

  18. Well my birthdays New Years eve so I could tell tons of stories from that! LOL But one of my most memorable would probably have to be last year just for how funny it was. My friend was 9months pregnant. Due any time and she decided that she wanted to play ‘Just Dance’ on my wii. So she seriously got into it. It was insane watching her dance with her big belly. I have it on video. Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  19. New Years is pretty quiet for me, I spend it with family. We have a nice meal, prepare a bunch of appetizers later in the evening, watch movies or play games and then toast in the New Year. My parents had 4 girls so there was no wrestling to be had…lol

    Thanks for the giveaway

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  20. So mine starts off a little odd. I was working as a waitress and I ended up working a double shift from open to close without more than a two minute break periodically. I was pretty mad about that because I’d scheduled time off to be with my then boyfriend. Anyway so I worked all day and while the tips were great the people not so much, especially after about 9. So anyway we closed early that night and I got how around 11pm. I took a shower and climbed into bed and just as I was falling asleep my phone rings. I’m cussing up a storm and questioning the parentage of the person on the other end and it turns out it’s the boyfriend. He waits for my little rant to end and then before I can start up again blurts out “Will you marry me.” I’m so tired my brain doesn’t seem to understand him and I go “what?” so he politely repeats himself and then tells me to get my ass outside. I dropped my phone and ran out the front door to him standing there with two dozen of my favorite flowers on one knee πŸ™‚ Best New Year’s EVER! We’ll have been married three years this may. I don’t know if we kissed in time to ring in the new year but it was still pretty epic.


  21. My favorite memory was when my grandparents got a new colored television. That was a big thing. We had never had one before. So we all gathered around it to watch Guy Lombardo.


  22. Funny how they hit that growth spurt and it seems like in a matter of days you’re the one looking up at them!!

    I have so many memories of New Years, from partying to being pregnant(X4). My favs are the ones that we now make spending time with my not so little kids and friends.

  23. One of my fav New Year’s Eve was when I was in the Navy and me and my roommates invited about 100 people over and they all showed up and brought more guests. It was everything you can imagine it would of having that many sailors in one place. It wasn’t much longer after many of us shipped out to Iraq.
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  24. I’m with you, Maria! It was just me, my mom and sister growing up, so we never had bodies thrashing around the living room! (Well, except for one time a squirrel got into the house through the chimney. That was pretty wild!) Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Oh my gosh, Joanne! I was trying to remember the name of the band guy…Guy Lombardo…that’s it! πŸ™‚ We watched him when I was a kid too! And I remember the first color TV as well! Thanks for reminding me of those fun times!

  26. Hi, Teressa! That does sound like some party! I’m glad you all got to enjoy before shipping out…and I hope everyone made it home safely. Thank you for your service. πŸ™‚

  27. Hi, Desi and Charmed…those do sounds like good memories. πŸ™‚ I’ve never spent New Year’s with my best friend. Hmmm….that’s one for my list! Thank you for sharing!

  28. This new years was my favorite. My family stayed home and watched movies. We had tons of fun! We ate snacks and toasted the new year. It was great! Thank you for sharing! Happy new year!

  29. I love your thoughts about Times Square. I’m like you–too many people, too many colds/sniffles/coughs, and who wants to use a porta potty in the middle of NYC?? LOL.

    I got married on New Year’s Day (1988) so that was my most memorable New Year–by far!


  30. Gloria and Shadow — That’s how I’ve spent many years, and I’ve enjoyed them all! Hey, any time you have plenty to eat, a roof over your head, and get to have fun with loved ones, what could be better…right?

  31. thank you so much for being part of this giveaway!!!

    yankeedragon4 at gmail dotcom

    (i already won adrienne’s ghost from you on another blog!) πŸ™‚

  32. Y2K was the most memorable for me. I got to spend it with my husband, brothers, father and step mom. We went to a party for New Years eve and went to the Rose Parade for New Years Morning. We got to sit in the stands to watch the parade, got a continental breakfast before the parade, a hot brunch after the parade, and a souvenir of the occasion. It was the best time of all since my brother, father and step mom all lived in Texas and I live in Pasadena, CA. It was my first time going to the parade where I didn’t have to camp on the street just to save a place to see the parade. Let me tell you, that’s not something you want to do unless you are young. It gets way too cold for these old bones. LOL

    Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  33. OMG! That’s a memory that would be impossible to forget.
    I’m enjoying reading the blogs and everyone’s fav memories.
    Happy 2012!
    mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

  34. My favorite was the year I was at Disney world when 2000 came was a great day and night! Thanks for the great giveaway fun blog hop!
    Happy New Year!
    Latisha D

  35. Thanks for sharing your memory.
    My favorite was when I was a kid just hanging out with the friends.
    great giveaway

  36. We usually spend the evening inside with family and friends, lots of good eats…playing cards (poker) and listening to music until the ball’s about to drop. Then the wine is poured, toasts made, kisses shared…and then the party usually continues for a little while longer. Those that drank a little too much, or came without a designated driver snuggle in for the night…that’s just how we play. Better safe than sorry. πŸ™‚ Happy 2012!

  37. My favorite NYE memory is the one I spend with my now husband. We went out with my best friend and her (then) husband. It was horrible. They fought the whole night but at one point during all that craziness he leaned over and told me that he loved me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    areeths at new dot rr dot com

  38. Every year, my best friend and her husband throw a massive NYE party. After almost everyone leaves, I sit around with some of my best friends, (we don’t see each other nearly as much as we’d like to),and we just talk about the year just passed, good memories — it’s just a wonderful way to celebrate, and we’ve made it an annual ritual.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a Happy New Year!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  39. My favorite new years was when I had a fun and crazy party with friends last year, the champagne was literally flowing everywhere since one of my friends tried to make a champagne fountain but it turned into a river instead!


  40. No big special memories. I usually have a drink and a quiet evening to ring in the new year πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    christinetoney (at)

  41. OMG, that was a GREAT story! Reminds me of my son and his year of the ‘great growth spurt’ too!! LOL

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    thewildtwo @ sbcglobal (dot) net

  42. It’s not really a β€œmemory,” but it’s a tradition that I still follow from back in my home country of Brazil. For New Years, the color of your clothing represents what you want for the new year. For example, many Brazilians wear white for peace and inner calm, but you see a few wearing red for passion or pink for love, some wear green in hopes of earning more that year as well. Every year i’m excited to see what colors people decide to wear on New Years, and I love getting together at the end of the year to see if their wishes came true.

  43. Seeing the fire works off of Navy Pier in downtown Chicago with the husband. Loads of fun.


    knitrix29 at gmail dot com

  44. My best NYE – We had a party for our friends and family. We could see the high school fireworks from our backyard. We all had a great time being together. Almost all the food was gone and the drinks…well there weren’t any Those who needed to spend the night found a piece of floor and blankets and we had breakfast the next morning…some not so much LOL

    Great Blog Hop. Hope you will blog at KP sometime.

    Mary Keith

  45. My family parties at home with lots of good food and we watch the ball drop in Times Square. I loved when my children were little. They would dance in front of the tv to Dick Clark.

    Thank you for the wonderful contest.

    I hope you have a very prosperous New Year.

    orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

  46. Nay Nay and Latisha – Great Y2K memories! πŸ™‚ I remember being just a little scared in 2000 that all the gloom-and-doom predictions would come true! (I worked for a software company, and we’d just been through a massive project to update for Y2K.) We watched midnight strike around the world, so we knew by the time it reached the east coast of the US we were okay. πŸ™‚

  47. Juliana, I’ve never seen Diners, Dives and Drive-ins. (Did I get that right?) But seeing as how I’m a Jersey girl (now living in VA), always bemoaning the lack of diners in this area, I think I need to start watching!

  48. Chey, FlikChick, Barbara, BookAttict & orelukjp0 – Yep, family and friends…it’s what it’s all about. (We watched Dick Clark when my kids were little too!)

  49. brbalways & Kim – Yeah, when you have boys, after awhile you start to see a pattern. I remember the time I brilliantly decided to let my younger son invite his entire first grade class to a birthday party at the town’s mini golf place. (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) Balls flying through the air…clubs used as javelins…the memories still make me shudder! Thankfully no one was hurt.

  50. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and letting me share my favorite New Year memory! I had fun and I hope you did too! I’ll be announcing my winner later today. Good luck to everyone in the big grand prize drawings too!

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