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Really? A blog about words??

About six months ago I started a blog called “A Voice from Silence” intended to dump all the angst inside my soul onto the world. (Lucky world!) It’s been wonderful, a fertile ground for me to get my thoughts on “paper,” and think about new story ideas, or story elements. They tend to be more serious topics, things that really bother me that I think others might share.

Every once in a while, though, a topic comes to mind that’s lighter in nature, doesn’t seem to fit in the “Voice from Silence” mode. (Can you hear Charlton Heston’s voice echoing in the back of your mind? I can!)  Thus the birth of this blog.

I’m calling it “They’re Just Words” because that’s what I think every time I have to trash volumes of a story that just didn’t work. I don’t really trash the words, I put them in a separate folder for possible use some day. And as I file them away, I think to myself, “They’re just words. It’s not like the world’s supply of words is ever going to dry up. In fact, new words are invented every day!”

It’s a source of solace…as long as I’m diligent about backing up my computer files!

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