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As I write this, it’s actually Day 23 of the Simple Abundance devotional, and I’ve decided to put a pause on the blogging. The readings are beginning to seem too similar to me. I’m having a hard time picking up on the nuances from day to day, and I’m having an even harder time finding something fresh and interesting to say to readers.

My other concern is that, in my opinion, the book is too much directed toward people of means (which I can’t relate to), or maybe toward those who are negative thinkers. I think for some, maybe like those, the book has great value and insight.

But it also feels very me-centric to me: What makes me happy. How do I find my authentic self. It makes me uncomfortable. Aside from that, I think I already myself. I know what brings me joy. I know what brings me peace and when I feel most at harmony.

As for the six tenets of the book?

  • Gratitude. God’s love and the promise of His grace bring me gratitude. More, they bring me comfort and peace. The love and support of my family bring me gratitude as well. Many, many things bring me gratitude. I got this one.
  • Simplicity. My life is pretty simple as it is. I don’t fuss about much–whether “stuff” or myself. I don’t spend money on many luxuries because I don’t have it (money for luxuries), and I really don’t care.
  • Order. I must confess to be lacking in this area. There is a certain order in my life in that I do the same thing every day. But the sheer volume of work–between my day job, writing (both creating and business needs), and keeping a minimal control on the house mess–leaves little time for much else. So I’ll work on it.
  • Harmony. I equate this to balance in life. Again, I’m not there yet, but I’m aware I need it.
  • Beauty. I think I naturally look for beauty in the details of life. Example:  the perfection of God’s design in nature, from the smallest nucleus of a plant cell to the majesty of the ocean. It’s everywhere, in every thing.
  • Joy. It’s easy to feel joy under the right conditions–for example, when you’re out with friends for fun. It’s harder to find joy in other circumstances. I’m not certain it’s needed though. I don’t know that we need to feel joy when we’re facing tragedy or illness. But I appreciate the lesson, to look for joy where you don’t expect it, and I do need to make more of an effort.


So what’s my bottom line? I write about mystery and suspense–so there is natural tendency toward darkness–but ultimately I write about love and the power it has to heal. To me love–whether romantic, between friends or family–is the answer to darkness. It can’t cure everything, but it can make pretty much everything better.

That’s the rule I live by.


In late 2015 I started reading “Simple Abundance” a daily devotional by Sarah Ban Breathnach. After almost three months, I’ve decided it’s not quite for me.

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