Six Sentence Sunday ~ February 12

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday for February 12th. You probably know the scoop, but just in case…the gist is to post six sentences (no more, no less) as a sample of a work, whether published, in progress, whatever. I’m continuing again with Surrender to Sanctuary, David and Anna’s first kiss. Hope you enjoy!


David’s lips were soft—searching, not demanding—and he dropped the pose to wrap both arms around her, pull her even closer, his hands on her back and lower, kneading flesh through the layer of clothing that felt suddenly itchy and coarse. She flushed again, her entire body thrumming with an aching heat, and opened her mouth to his.
His breathing hitched, and when he shifted once more, entwining their legs, and angled his head to take the kiss deeper, slower, her senses swelled and tumbled. She was tingling, head to toes, and enveloped in his scent of musk and laundry detergent. His hands were in her hair, his thumbs stroking along her jaw. She couldn’t breathe, and when she raised on her toes and linked her arms around his neck to press closer, he slid a hand under her shirt.


Thanks for reading! Hope you get to check out all the amazing samples on Six Sentence Sunday!

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  1. OOoh, what a way to warm up on a cold Sunday. Great six!

  2. Oh, nice job!

  3. Very sensual, and I have to agree with Stacia…a great way to heat up a cold Sunday

  4. Very sexy!

  5. Yum, sexy 6!

  6. Beautifully written six. Thank you.

  7. Delicious six!

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