Six Sentence Sunday ~ May 6

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! I’m happy to join a bunch of talented authors who share just six sentences of one of their stories.
I’m continuing with Surrender to Sanctuary, the story of FBI Agents David and Anna who go under cover in a BDSM club to solve a murder. Here, a mentor cautions David.

“If you show up looking like you’ll deck the first man who glances in Anna’s direction, you’ll blow the cover. Once that happens, her safety, her survival, will be in jeopardy.” 
Suspicious now, he asked, “Where are you going with this?” 
“Well, I see your feelings growing each time you’re together.” 
The quicksand tumbled in on David’s head,and he gave a rough laugh. “Feelings?”

I hope you enjoyed these six, and I hope you’ll get a chance to check out the other great excerpts from Six Sentence Sunday!

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