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A feline’s revenge

When I left my full-time job at the end of January, I received this lovely peace lily from my coworkers. It was lush and weighed a ton, and I worried that I’d be able to care for it properly…since I’m not known for my ability to grow plants. (My family’s nickname for me is “Death to Plants.”) Fast forward to early April. I was amazed as how healthy the plant was doing. It was even…

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Everyday life Gardening

Just call me “Death to Plants”

Once someone asked me what my Native American name would be. I never could decide, until it struck me recently:¬† Death to Plants. When my boys were young and we lived in New Jersey in a house with a big 100×100 yard, I planted a vegetable garden. I knew next to nothing about growing vegetables, but I figured I lived in the Garden State, anything would grow. Using a shovel, hoe and hand tools, I…

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Food and Drink

Can a Virginia tomato fill my Jersey tomato fetish?

Today I bought my first plant of the season…. Actually, to be honest, it will probably be my ONLY plant of the season, but I count baby steps. Anyway, I bought one of those potted/patio tomato plants, with the hope of some day, in the not-too-distant future,¬†plucking off a ripe tomato for a snack. As a lifelong Jersey Girl (now living in the south), I often make the case that there is no tomato that…

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