Purpose of Life

Do the uncharitible deserve our charity?

When faith and hope fail, as they do sometimes, we must try charity, which is love in action. ~ Dinah Maria Mulock. * I noticed that quote this morning on Twitter. Just one of dozens of messages downloading on my screen every minute or so, it caught my eye because charity has been on my mind lately. Specifically I’ve been debating whether people who are uncharitable deserve charity from others. That dilemma doesn’t come in…

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America Purpose of Life

Come on, people…get a grip!

As I write this, it’s a couple hours into “Cyber Monday,” the great on-line shop-a-looza that follows Black Friday and (something new this year!) Black Saturday…you know, your last chance to shave a few bucks off the perfect gifts for your loved ones, office mates, classmates and teachers…whomever among your circle of acquaintances needs “gifting”…until the next last chance to save money on the perfect gifts for the holidays. Yes, THE HOLIDAYS are officially here,…

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