Simple Abundance Readings

Day 17 – Family harmony

  The message for Jan. 17 is about finding a balance in your life which Breathnach calls “harmony.” We each need to find the balance between the demands of outside forces–family, work, social obligations–and the inner “me” who needs peace and relaxation. Breathnach likens the journey for achieving harmony to that of the pianist learning not just the notes of a composition, but the timing, the cadence–knowing where to pause for effect. I get that.…

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You owe me a hug, son

My older son turned 30 today. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw skin crisscrossed with lines that weren’t there yesterday, sections of my face and neck dragging and drooping that, I swear, just yesterday were smooth and, if not firm, at least firmER. I feel ancient, as if his turning this magical age (the age beyond which my generation couldn’t trust another) propelled me into the phase of  old croney-hood. The truth…

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