Is it spring yet?

I’m not sure when I became such a wimp about winter weather. It might have been the year when my kids were in grade school and we had 14 ice storms over the course of one winter. (We lived in New Jersey at the time, the land of the “wintery mix” one day, and a howling blizzard the next.) I remember kids ice skating down the street. Seriously. Or maybe it was before that, when…

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Fantasy and Legends

Danger lurks…at least in my mind

(This blog originally appeared on the Roses of Prose on Oct. 22, 2014.) I live a pretty ho-hum life. I get up early, working on my writing for a bit (or that’s the theory), head into the my job at the newspaper where I busy myself for the next nine or so hours, then head home to have dinner with hubby, after which collapse into a coma-like state on the couch until he rouses me…

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America Purpose of Life Writing

Thank you, New Jersey

New Jersey gets a bad rap. I know that because I spent most of my growing and adult years in the state named for its gardens but known for its highways. It’s the state where I raised my children, the state where I learned to drive, learned to cook (well, sort of), and learned the love of writing. So it’s fitting, to me, that it’s the state where I was reminded, this past weekend, of…

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