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Surrender to Sanctuary Lights of Imani Adrienne’s Ghost Christmas Dance
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I write stories of crime and passion, mystery and suspense, and most of all love.
Please check back from time to time to learn what’s new in my world!

Welcome, Spring…at last!

The weather has finally warmed up here in southeastern Virginia to the point where I’ve moved my heavy winter coat to far end of the closet and moved my “spring” jackets closer to the center. I even ventured outside during the day for a nice walk in the last week or so. Progress!

I live on the Virginia peninsula, a finger of land bordered on the north by the York River (which played prominently in the Revolutionary War because of its deep waters that could support those heavy British ships…or something like that), and the James River on the south, where Cpt. Christopher Newport and others, sailing on behalf of the Virginia Company of London, landed in 1607 in the hopes of colonizing the vast American continent. (Read more here.)


Replica “Godspeed” on display at the Jamestown (Va.) Settlement in 2004. It is one of the three replicas of ships that carried the original Jamestown settlers. The others are Susan Constant and Discovery.

As I drive around the area, sometimes I wonder about those days and how the area must have appeared to those first settlers–the wide rivers banked on either side with tall trees and pines, the wild beauty of the Chesapeake Bay before man tried taming its shoreline.

I think about a young Pocahontas (only 11 years old in 1607) probably spying (as children do) on the newcomers before interceding with her father (Chief Powhatan) in their defense.

Then I think about the adventure in the travelers’ souls and what might have led them to leave the comfort of their English homes to cross several thousand miles of open sea to build a life (from nothing but the raw land) in what proved to be a harsh environment.

Even with the advance of man and the introduction of his machines, the area is still beautiful with its wild spots along the rivers and the shores. Soon the budding crepe myrtles will blossom, coloring our neighborhoods with brilliant reds, pinks, purples and whites and scenting the air with the smell of spring. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Welcome, spring!


Writing News

I finally finished the Halloween short story…yay! It’s with my trusted (wonderful, amazing) editor now. I’m a little scared of what she might have to say about this one (I struggled), but I know she’ll be gentle, and kind, even if she has to tear it to shreds. :-)

I’m fortunate to count many writers as my friends, and you can catch me blogging on the 22nd of each month with the Roses of Prose.



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