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Novel Notes authors Alicia Dean, Kathy L. Wheeler, Diane Burton, Krysta Scott and myself put together a book of fun facts/tips, recipes, short stories and more for the subscribers of our monthly newsletter.

Here’s an excerpt from my short story, “An Accidental Meet-up,” about a man and woman who bump into each other, literally, at a gas station.


Bump! It came from behind, rocking my car for an instant. I froze, my right foot squarely on the brake, and shot my eyes to my rain-splattered rear-view mirror. Behind me, sitting in a swath of the gas station’s yellow-gray lighting, was the hood of some large vehicle—a pickup, or monster SUV. Its powerful engine rumbled and snorted, then cut out.

Had I hit him? Had he hit me? Not sure why I presumed the driver was a “he,” I eased my foot off the brake and started to pull away from the pump. I had rolled only a couple inches when the big horn blared, as if saying STOP!

Bit of an overkill, if you asked me, for what amounted to a tap, regardless of who hit whom. If anyone’s vehicle was damaged, it was sure to be my 10-year-old sedan. Besides, what was he doing pulling so close behind me in a gas station anyway?

On the other side of the pump, the teenaged attendant stood watching while he squeegeed dirty water from another car’s windshield. I lowered my window and waved until I got his attention.

“You see any damage?”

“Nah,” he said with a small smile—the kind teens give adults when they’re trying to hide their amusement. But I knew I was in trouble when his smile froze and his eyes widened, fixed on something behind me. I dropped my gaze to my side mirror and caught a glimpse of the driver of the truck/SUV, making his way toward me.

I scrambled from the car and pivoted to face him and his vehicle, an oversized pickup. They were both big, tall and broad, like they’d been tailor made for each other. The driver was in full-stalk mode, arms swinging at his sides, hands balled into fists, his face set in a grimace. He neared, seeming to suck the oxygen from the surrounding space. My space.

I gulped.

Road rage had taken its natural evolutionary course and had morphed into gas station rage.

What do you think will happen next? Is this a romance…a thriller? 🙂

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