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Adventures in plants, part…whatever

It’s a gorgeous winter day here in southeastern Virginia – mid-60s and sunny — so I thought I’d take advantage of the warmth and repot my two currently thriving plants. (Those of you who don’t know me should know this could be seen as plant-i-cide. I’m known to kill plants just by being in the same room with them.)

Here are my two beauties as they were:IMG_1276

  1. an African violet that’s grown to the size of a dinner plate but lately seems to be crawling out of the pot. and
  2. a beautiful hibiscus that I got for my birthday last year. Somehow it’s survived and outgrew its pot months ago.







Armed with a big spoon (I don’t have gardening tools), an old pair of gardening gloves and some all-purpose potting soil (I know, I know…I wish I had special soil too), I went out to the patio and did my worst.


The hibiscus was pot-bound, so hopefully the new pot will give her some breathing room. (Yes, it’s a girl plant. I don’t know how I know, I just do.) The African Violet appeared to have no root ball at all…I have no idea if that’s normal … and she lost a few leaves in the process. I can only hope that she’s happy being set in the middle again.

Pray for my plants!

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