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Who me? Scared?

Halloween is a mere month away. Did you know that it is either the second- or third-favorite holiday of the year for most Americans? (That’s according to my very unscientific Google search of the topic.) And judging by the popularity of Halloween-ish stories, it’s clear we love being scared, at least in fiction. Curious about this phenomenon (why people like being scared), I went to Google and found some interesting theories. According to a few…

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Everyday life

Ah…the good old days.

This is a tale of the old “interactive voice response” phone service and the “navigation tree” hell. I know many can relate. I’m trying to rent a car for a week in September. I’m pretty comfortable with reserving online and have done so many, many times. I have two simple questions about the fees and processes. There is NO information on the rental agency’s website. The chat option on the website didn’t work. No agents…

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Sleepless summer nights

I grew up in a Colonial-style home in Central New Jersey. Built in the 1930s, it didn’t have a central HVAC system. It had a furnace and a fireplace to ease the frigid winter air. In the summer, we had windows and fans. And it was hot. Kids in the neighborhood would camp out at each other’s homes in the back yards, sleeping under make-shift tents constructed of bed sheets thrown over clothes lines. I…

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A feline’s revenge

When I left my full-time job at the end of January, I received this lovely peace lily from my coworkers. It was lush and weighed a ton, and I worried that I’d be able to care for it properly…since I’m not known for my ability to grow plants. (My family’s nickname for me is “Death to Plants.”) Fast forward to early April. I was amazed as how healthy the plant was doing. It was even…

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Royalty traditions

Careful what you wish for

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a princess. Or Cinderella after the glass slipper incident. So it’s not surprising to me that lne of my “coronaddictions” has been catching up on the British Royal Family. Stories of Harry and Meghan fill my news feed (I’m a fan), and most recently the announcement of Princess Beatrice’s long-overdue wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, which took place mid-July in a private ceremony at Royal…

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It’s deja vu all over again

  It’s been a bit more than a decade since I finished and sold my first full-length novel (romantic suspense Surrender to Sanctuary). It was a shock to me at the time that anyone would want to publish it (it’s a bit on the kinky side)! But I was lucky, and thus started my career as a novelist. Or so I thought. At the time I wrote the book, I had been unemployed for a…

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Dear gods of technology, back off!

  I took today off from my regular job so I could get some things done — Run to the post office (which isn’t open during hours that any working person can conveniently get to); Have lunch with hubby (who also took the day off); Clean my office (“clean” being open to interpretation); and Make a hotel reservation for a short trip we’re taking next month. All went smoothly until we got home after lunch…

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Food and Drink

Adventures in Cooking – Real Pizza??? Not!

Ever since I left New Jersey about 9 years ago, I’ve been bemoaning the lack of really good NY-style pizza. Hubby and I have been experimenting with home-made for a couple years. Sadly, the dough has been challenging to the point where it’s not worth it. Then I saw this posted on Facebook: home-made pan pizza that takes about 20 minutes. Looks easy-peasy, according to the video anyway. I watched it probably a dozen times,…

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Memorial Day Honor

As the nation recognizes the servicemen and women who gave their lives for us, I remember my husband’s father who kept trying to enlist in WWII but got denied because he was too young. He finally got in right at the end and told stories of the ride on the “liberty ship” from the west coast to Okinawa where he served. I remember too his father, a veteran of the Mexican-American War, WWI and WWII.…

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