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Who me? Scared?

Halloween is a mere month away. Did you know that it is either the second- or third-favorite holiday of the year for most Americans? (That’s according to my very unscientific Google search of the topic.) And judging by the popularity of Halloween-ish stories, it’s clear we love being scared, at least in fiction. Curious about this phenomenon (why people like being scared), I went to Google and found some interesting theories. According to a few…

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Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s just after 7 a.m. on the East Coast of the U.S. My husband and I are up and about already, excited to start celebrating. Our “kids” (ages 27 and 23) are still fast asleep. We’re making as much noise as we can to wake them “accidentally.” So far no luck. 🙂 We’ve been talking about favorites through this blog hop, and I couldn’t let the event pass without sharing my favorite Christmas cartoon,…

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/11

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone! This week I’m back to Jack and Rachael, but back to the beginning, to Jack’s first glimpse of Rachael. (I just love those first sightings!) He’s channel surfing with the remote in his hand, starts to click, then sees her on the screen. __________________________ Before he could depress the button, the camera switched to the guest—the woman, the shrink—and he stopped mid-click, captivated. His hand fell to his side as…

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Adrienne's Ghost FBI ghost story magical realism paranormal Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/27

It’s time for Six Sentence Sunday! Continuing with my latest release, Adrienne’s Ghost, I’d like to take a step back to where Rachael is contemplating her first close encounter with the ghost of murder victim Adrienne Garza, former FBI recruit and “friend” of investigating agent Jackson Yates… ………………… The shrouded images flickered through Rachael’s mind like a music video, its soundtrack a muted mix of cryptic phrases and laughing murmurs. She’d felt the sensations too, as…

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Adrienne's Ghost ghost story paranormal romance Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/20

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers (like me) to post a sampling of just six sentences from one of our projects. I’d like to offer another six from my current novella release, Adrienne’s Ghost. Last week’s post highlighted the yearnings that Rachael and Jackson were starting to feel toward each other. This week’s six take us a step closer… ___________________ He slid his hands, big hands, down her back, to the curve…

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Adrienne's Ghost ghost story paranormal romance

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!Today is Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers to share bits of their stories, but just six sentences. Today my six are from my new paranormal romance novella, Adrienne’s Ghost.   FBI Agent Jackson Yates and paranormal psychologist Rachael Sullivan have joined together to find a killer but discover there might just be something else drawing them together…. ________________ “Coffee?” “Maybe. Later.”  Even as she ran her gaze over every…

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