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Holiday Blog Hopping – Did you open any gifts yet?

If you celebrate Hanukkah, chances are you’ve opened at least one Hanukkah gift by now. But if you celebrate Christmas, you might be watching a growing pile of gifts under your tree, waiting for a chance to dig in. 🙂 When I was growing up, we didn’t open any gifts, not one, until Christmas morning. (Santa doesn’t come until after midnight after all!) Typical children, my sister and I would wake our mother and grandmother…

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/4

Hello and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, where writers share bits and pieces of their works. This week I thought I’d take a break from Jack and Rachael to share six from a short story I’m writing for a little girl whom coworkers and I “adopted” for Christmas. She’s 7 years old, loves playing dress-up, and really loves princesses. As one of my gifts, I thought it would be cool to write a short story…

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