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Christmas Kindle Freebies ~ Our Gift to You!

  FREE KINDLE BOOKS OUR GIFT TO YOU!  New Kindle for Christmas? Load it with FREE books! 12 Authors ~ 12 Free Books December 25 & 26 From romantic suspense, to contemporary, historical, erotica and even “kink”! Click on the title for the buy link and check them out. I know I will! (Can’t go wrong for free, can you?) Adrienne’s Ghost Leah St. James Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novella FBI agent and psychologist investigate the…

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ April 22

It’s time again for Six Sentence Sunday! I’ve been away for a couple months, and I have to say, it’s good to be back, joining all the authors who share weekly snippets of their work. My six will pick up right where I left off in Surrender to Sanctuary, with FBI Agents David and Anna discovering their mutual attraction. Fire surged through Anna’s chest, to her fingers and toes, low into her belly. She heard…

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/11

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone! This week I’m back to Jack and Rachael, but back to the beginning, to Jack’s first glimpse of Rachael. (I just love those first sightings!) He’s channel surfing with the remote in his hand, starts to click, then sees her on the screen. __________________________ Before he could depress the button, the camera switched to the guest—the woman, the shrink—and he stopped mid-click, captivated. His hand fell to his side as…

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Adrienne's Ghost ghost story paranormal romance Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/20

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers (like me) to post a sampling of just six sentences from one of our projects. I’d like to offer another six from my current novella release, Adrienne’s Ghost. Last week’s post highlighted the yearnings that Rachael and Jackson were starting to feel toward each other. This week’s six take us a step closer… ___________________ He slid his hands, big hands, down her back, to the curve…

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Adrienne's Ghost ghost story paranormal romance

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!Today is Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers to share bits of their stories, but just six sentences. Today my six are from my new paranormal romance novella, Adrienne’s Ghost.   FBI Agent Jackson Yates and paranormal psychologist Rachael Sullivan have joined together to find a killer but discover there might just be something else drawing them together…. ________________ “Coffee?” “Maybe. Later.”  Even as she ran her gaze over every…

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