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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/11

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone! This week I’m back to Jack and Rachael, but back to the beginning, to Jack’s first glimpse of Rachael. (I just love those first sightings!) He’s channel surfing with the remote in his hand, starts to click, then sees her on the screen. __________________________ Before he could depress the button, the camera switched to the guest—the woman, the shrink—and he stopped mid-click, captivated. His hand fell to his side as…

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/4

Hello and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, where writers share bits and pieces of their works. This week I thought I’d take a break from Jack and Rachael to share six from a short story I’m writing for a little girl whom coworkers and I “adopted” for Christmas. She’s 7 years old, loves playing dress-up, and really loves princesses. As one of my gifts, I thought it would be cool to write a short story…

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