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Smiling through pain?

  The January 7 reading is titled “How Happy Are You Right Now?” Uh….crickets…crickets…crickets. To be fair, my present state of UN-happiness has more to do with the excruciating pain in my back (literal, not figurative) that has been plaguing me for almost a week now.  (I strained/pulled it last Friday just reaching for something. Great.) But that’s beside the point. The reading references “A Life of One’s Own,” a 1934 journal by Englishwoman Joanna…

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Holiday Blog Hopping … and Disappearing Days!

A terrible thing happened this morning when I got up. I looked at the calendar. That’s “terrible” because I saw the date and realized I’d done it again. I’d lost whole days, maybe weeks, into some vacuum of space time continuum, or something…whatever it is that makes time simply disappear! Somehow in my brain, days pass, but not dates. I know that’s probably a difficult distinction for many of you to grasp, but it’s a…

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