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Can a Virginia tomato fill my Jersey tomato fetish?

Today I bought my first plant of the season…. Actually, to be honest, it will probably be my ONLY plant of the season, but I count baby steps. Anyway, I bought one of those potted/patio tomato plants, with the hope of some day, in the not-too-distant future, plucking off a ripe tomato for a snack.

As a lifelong Jersey Girl (now living in the south), I often make the case that there is no tomato that can beat the Jersey tomato. As a kid growing up, I’d pluck one off the plant, give a dash of salt, and eat it like candy. I’d cut them into salads or drizzle them with olive oil. Then there was my favorite–the tomato sandwich…white bread, a swipe of mayo, a couple thick slices of ripe tomato, a dash of pepper, and yum!

When I moved to Virginia, I heard all about the Roanoke tomato, and I’ve tried it, but I’m sorry, I haven’t changed my stripes. I’m still a Jersey tomato person.

So purchasing a plant here and now, with the intent of producing my own little corner of tomato heaven, probably doesn’t make sense. I mean, I’m not in Jersey, I’m in Virginia. The chances that this tomato was planted in Jersey soil are slim. In fact, only God knows where this soil came from! I’m destined for failure, right?

In the end, that one teeny, tiny possibility that it could match up won my heart, and only time will tell whether I made a wise choice. For now, there’s hope…lots of hope. 🙂


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