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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/20

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers (like me) to post a sampling of just six sentences from one of our projects. I’d like to offer another six from my current novella release, Adrienne’s Ghost.

Last week’s post highlighted the yearnings that Rachael and Jackson were starting to feel toward each other. This week’s six take us a step closer…


He slid his hands, big hands, down her back, to the curve of her hips and below. His fingers ignited sparks along her nerve pathways wherever they touched, like their tips were implanted with firecrackers.

For a moment, Rachael wondered if even her brain was sizzling, and she struggled with the need to maintain her precious control, versus the need to let go and let this man have his way. While his lips trailed down her throat, nuzzled the soft flesh where her neck and shoulder met, she somehow found the will to whisper, “What are we doing?”

As a cascade of shivers ran from his lips all the way down to her feet, she heard him say, “Damned if I know. Just don’t make me stop….”


(I sure hope I counted right!) 
Hope you enjoyed! If you’d like to read more from Adrienne’s Ghost, click here.

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