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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/27

It’s time for Six Sentence Sunday! Continuing with my latest release, Adrienne’s Ghost, I’d like to take a step back to where Rachael is contemplating her firstย close encounter with the ghost of murder victim Adrienne Garza, former FBI recruit and “friend” of investigating agent Jackson Yates…


The shrouded images flickered through Rachael’s mind like a music video, its soundtrack a muted mix of cryptic phrases and laughing murmurs. She’d felt the sensations too, as if they were hers. The stroke of a hand along the woman’s leg, a whisper of a caress. A lover’s touch. Shivers had raced down Rachael’s spine, to her scalp and the tips of her fingers and toes. Yet she had experienced it all through the eyes and ears, the skin of a dead woman.


As always, I hope you enjoyed these six!ย If you’d like to read more from Adrienne’s Ghost, click here.

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