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Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/11

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone!

This week I’m back to Jack and Rachael, but back to the beginning, to Jack’s first glimpse of Rachael. (I just love those first sightings!) He’s channel surfing with the remote in his hand, starts to click, then sees her on the screen.


Before he could depress the button, the camera switched to the guest—the woman, the shrink—and he stopped mid-click, captivated. His hand fell to his side as he stared. The remote fell from his fingers.

Her hair, a pale mix of wheat tones, was swept back from a heart-shaped face, then twisted up like a 1940s starlet. She was beautiful. Far too beautiful to be discussing something as morbid as death and mourning.


As always, I hope you enjoyed these six! If you’d like to read more from Adrienne’s Ghost, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday ~ 12/11”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Krystal, and for your kind words. That actually happened to me once. I was at work in a giant corporate building, in the cafeteria. There was some executive event going on that required serving staff, and this guy in a tux walked through the area. It must have been the tux that caught my eye, but when I saw his face (a thing of male beauty), I nearly dropped my tray. I’m embarrassed to say, I almost followed him! 🙂

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