In the company of writers

What a great month this has been so far. The first part of March kicked off with a day at Christopher Newport University’s Writers’ Conference. I was there mostly on official business (namely, researching for my day job which includes writing a weekly column about the writing community), but I had purchased table space to sell books. I spent a chunk of time wandering around the other tables, chatting with local authors whom I’d met…

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America Purpose of Life Writing

Thank you, New Jersey

New Jersey gets a bad rap. I know that because I spent most of my growing and adult years in the state named for its gardens but known for its highways. It’s the state where I raised my children, the state where I learned to drive, learned to cook (well, sort of), and learned the love of writing. So it’s fitting, to me, that it’s the state where I was reminded, this past weekend, of…

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