Simple Abundance Readings

Day 14 – Chronicling Gratitude

Dear Diary - Today I'm thankful for... - Copy

Today’s reading suggests keeping a gratitude journal. Breathnach says to write down five good things that happened to you at the end of every day, the idea being if you document the good stuff, your perception will begin to change. You’ll begin to be more aware of your blessings.

It is a great idea, one I started when I first began the book in November. Unfortunately I only lasted 15 days. My daily “thanks” ended up being the same over and over. Not that they weren’t good things — thankful for my family, my home, the food in my cupboards, etc. — but the same, every day. I’m not sure if I was too exhausted back then to think clearly, my days too frenetic, but that’s the way it was.

I think I’ll give it another try, only maybe I’ll include my five in my daily journalings here.

Today I’m thankful for:

  • News from my doctor that the pain in my back and knees is treatable.
  • A company that provides good health insurance. It’s not as good as it used to be, but still far better than many of the plans available on the open market, and the cost to me is reasonable.
  • Author friends who support me when crazy review trolls rate books they haven’t read (and that’s another post)
  • Navigating yet another massive traffic tie-up with minimal inconvenience
  • A safe arrival from my hubby who got sucked into the massive traffic tie-up that had him stuck for more than two hours for a 15-mile drive home.


What are you grateful for?


In late 2015 I started reading “Simple Abundance” a daily devotional by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It’s more than a devotional; it’s a guide to recognizing, and seeking, the joy in each moment. I haven’t quite reached that state, but I’m hopeful. I’ve decided to share my daily thoughts on this blog. I’d love to hear yours as well.

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