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Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!Today is Six Sentence Sunday, a chance for writers to share bits of their stories, but just six sentences. Today my six are from my new paranormal romance novella, Adrienne’s Ghost
FBI Agent Jackson Yates and paranormal psychologist Rachael Sullivan have joined together to find a killer but discover there might just be something else drawing them together….


“Maybe. Later.” 

Even as she ran her gaze over every inch of his face, subconsciously looking for proof of his goodness, or maybe sanity, she inched forward. Bewildered, wondering what had driven her to break every intelligent woman’s rule and allow herself to be swept along to a strange man’s home in a tide of curious passion, she reached for him in the same moment he reached for her. Like they’d been trapped in the same inescapable flow of hormones, infected by the same undeniable yearnings. 

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  1. Thanks, everyone (Krystal, Kallypso and romancingalix) 🙂 … Sorry I didn’t respond yesterday. I was hunkered down in a new project (which I’ve been ignoring for quite some time!). Glad you enjoyed the six. Have a great week!

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