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Ah…the good old days.

This is a tale of the old “interactive voice response” phone service and the “navigation tree” hell. I know many can relate. I’m trying to rent a car for a week in September. I’m pretty comfortable with reserving online and have done so many, many times. I have two simple questions about the fees and processes. There is NO information on the rental agency’s website. The chat option on the website didn’t work. No agents…

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Sleepless summer nights

I grew up in a Colonial-style home in Central New Jersey. Built in the 1930s, it didn’t have a central HVAC system. It had a furnace and a fireplace to ease the frigid winter air. In the summer, we had windows and fans. And it was hot. Kids in the neighborhood would camp out at each other’s homes in the back yards, sleeping under make-shift tents constructed of bed sheets thrown over clothes lines. I…

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Dear gods of technology, back off!

  I took today off from my regular job so I could get some things done — Run to the post office (which isn’t open during hours that any working person can conveniently get to); Have lunch with hubby (who also took the day off); Clean my office (“clean” being open to interpretation); and Make a hotel reservation for a short trip we’re taking next month. All went smoothly until we got home after lunch…

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Battling the Bulge: Adventures in Fitness

(This blog was originally published on Tea & Strumpets.) Last week I wrote about my reasons for wanting to maintain a healthy-for-me weight. I wrote about my re-commitment to a healthier lifestyle and that I’ll be sharing my experiences with you. To start things off, I want to share my latest exercise find.. Wait….come back! Trust me, I’m not one of those peppy “I love to run” people! In fact, the word “run” is a…

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Adventures in Plants, Part…I don’t remember

This blog originally appeared on the Roses of Prose, May 22. I’m plant-cursed Despite the fact that I’m a native of New Jersey (the GARDEN state), where I used to have thriving vegetable garden, and a bed of hostas that threatened to overrun the neighborhood, I’ve rarely had success with potted plants. In fact, gifting me with a plant is usually gifting the plant with early death! I’ve even killed plants that have been left…

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Adventures in plants, part…whatever

It’s a gorgeous winter day here in southeastern Virginia – mid-60s and sunny — so I thought I’d take advantage of the warmth and repot my two currently thriving plants. (Those of you who don’t know me should know this could be seen as plant-i-cide. I’m known to kill plants just by being in the same room with them.) Here are my two beauties as they were: an African violet that’s grown to the size…

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Christmas Dance – Sam’s Story

Sam Herrmann is a 30-something accountant, married for more than a decade to Danielle (Dani). Their paths crossed one hot summer night when he was running laps for their college’s football team and she, a flutist in the marching band, was at band practice. They fell, and fell hard, for each other and have been together since. Now, a dozen years later, they have three healthy boys under the age of ten, and enough activities…

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Christmas Christmas Dance Everyday life Family Life Fatherhoold marriage Motherhood parenthood

Christmas Dance – Alexandra’s Story

  Alexandra Anderson is an only child, raised by a single mother who died too young, then shuttled off to live with a father who had preferred starting a second family over sticking with his first. Alexandra clearly has some abandonment issues, and marrying Ben – handsome, smart and filthy rich Ben who somehow saw something to love in the girl from the other side of the tracks – was her hope for a break…

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Puppy-dog tales

(This blog originally appeared at Roses of Prose, September 2014.) Recently my writing life has taken a definite fall to the wayside. My son has been house/dog-sitting for the past few weeks at a friend’s home at the Chesapeake Bay. I should clarify. Her home is ON THE BEACH. For a transplanted Jersey (Shore) girl, the word “beach” is a homing beacon. I’m at peace at the beach. I can think at the beach. More,…

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OH in the newsroom: Leah’s a food snob

Originally posted on the site of my blogging buddies, Tea N Strumpets, August 25, 2014: It hurt a little to hear one of my colleagues say that about me. Because I am NOT a food snob. I’m not! I’ll eat packaged, repurposed, fresh, stale, food that’s  been left out overnight – you name it. Except for seafood. I don’t like seafood in any shape or form. Or anything that looks icky. Like calamari. Uggggggh. So…

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